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Smoothies of the Week


This is the last of the Smoothies because the month of love ends today and I have no need or reason to post these here now. We had a good run. Life is harsh. Goodbye, February.

P.s Please excuse excessive use of the f-bomb, but Tumblr folk are ungovernable (It’s what makes them fun).




The Adorkable New Girl


new_girl_by_fabiovalle-d5i3iu0I’m not sure how or why I haven’t blogged about New Girl, in reality. I’m actually not sure how or why I haven’t blogged about any of my favourite TV shows until now. Maybe it’s because it’s so much work with tv series because you have to wait for the season to end and then wrap up the whole thing in a 10/12/24 episode review. And that’d be great if I wasn’t lazy and season finales always leave me so defeated. So I really dig New Girl, and although I will not be writing it’s 24-ep review I do want to share my love. I do have a feeling everybody in the world knows this show because, awesome cast and Zooey Deschanel, but I’ll still tell you what’s what (pretty sure I just quoted Lord of the Flies). The show’s about a cute, quirky, recently single girl – found her boyfriend cheating at their apartment (YOUCH) – who moves in with three dudes whose accommodation ad she finds on Craig’s List. The cute, recently single girl is played by Zooey and the dudes are played by Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Lamorne Morris. Oh, and her best friend is super gorg Hannah Simone, d’you see where I’m going with this? These are already enough reasons to watch the show – you’ll find all the rest when you actually do. The show literally speaks for itself and it’s addictive if you’re into that kinda thing. So here are the best moments of the first season of one of my fav comedy series. Enjoy 🙂

Never Marry an Artist

Never Marry An Artist
Don’t marry an artist. Ever.
If your heart is not one for adventure, if your mind is confined to the restrictions of reality_Then please, I beg of you, do not marry an artist.
Your mind will be doused in vibrant liquids, your eyes will be opened to new things. You’ll see your life in technicolor. Shades of gray will no longer restrain you, for your will shall be guided by that of an artist. Kiss normality away, because once you marry an artist, you will become an artist one way or another.
Their ways will rub off onto you, their adventure will fill your soul, and you will never be the same again.Never Marry a Writer.

Because they’re all the same. They bear wisdom from long ago, yet they preserve it in this age.
They’ll take their life and yours, and put it in a book,
Your life will no longer be your own, but the life of all those who look.
Kiss privacy away, because secrets are no longer secrets.
They’re stories you see, ammo if you may. The weapons are the words, which the artist supplies every day.
So be prepared to wear, your emotions on a sleeve. Because the ammo of a writer is unlimited, because their ammo is life itself.

So there you have it, my friends. If you’re not willing to render your mind to the paintbrush, or your body to words, than an artist nor a writer is the spouse for you. They’ll change you in more ways than one. Their joys will be yours, and their hardships will be yours too. When you marry one of these artist, keep in mind, you’re putting your life on the line.

But, if you’re willing to take an adventure through fantasy, through canvass and through words, than go on right ahead.  A marriage is commitment, a marriage is forever…so render yourself to the paintbrush, surrender yourself to the words.
For the moment you commit yourself to the artist, is the moment you become an artist yourself.

10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship


(By Cara L, via BuzzFeed)

My ex and I are good friends now but I literally experienced all of the below when I initially found out that he’d started dating somebody. This is a more comical view of the soul-shattering experience – the real thing is so much more ugly and surreal and then hilarious and ridiculous. Welcome to what happens when a ‘big’ ex moves on…

The 10 Stages Of Finding Out Your Ex Is In A Relationship


I don’t really do the tub of ice-cream thing. I’m more of a 3 giant packs of cheese curls lady.

The Best Love Cheeses


cheeseThe Best Cheeses for Every Kind of Romantic Situation

All you need is the right cheese, some crusty bread, a bottle of wine, and maybe some honey, fruit, and chocolate. This is a rule for general life, btw. Read all about it here 🙂 (via

Some descriptions of these amazing cheeses that’ll make you want to leave the one you love and go live on cheese farm (That’s a thing right?).

“An approachable cheese that won’t intimidate, but surprises with richness and a lasting finish…”

“It’s studded with black truffles—need I say more?”

“A line of paprika that gives a subtle smokiness to the tangy and earthy interior…”

“Decadent soft ripened triple crème cheese that will provide rich, gooey comfort…”

I mean?! Also, it’s pretty crazy how food people make stuff sound so… sensual. O_o But I love cheese and all food, so. They’re excused. Have a great day and cheese out! (Yes, I just said that)