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Featured: The Gourmet Millennial


By Lev Novak via Thought Catalog


Source: Thought Catalog, LeeC3

Snobbery in food and drink is all we can afford. It’s the symbol of the life we took for granted from participation trophies (which, by the way, we never asked for: don’t put that excess on us.) We can’t afford stocks or a mortgage, but we cling to our hopes. So we consume them instead. So we have artisan coffee and fancy three-buck sodas and gluten free cupcakes and truffle fries. And they rock. I love them.

But they’re all I can afford to love.

I read this article a few days ago when it came out and I read it again today and it’s definitely something that I feel is kinda true about people of my age in general. I could be wrong, of course, and it could be that I’m just hanging around a lot of consumerism junkies who are mildly obsessed with the #lifestyle. And that the world beyond my friendship and social circles really despises our lovely locally-brewed craft beer and gourmet fudge and gourmet sarmies. And that we’re weird freaks. But no – not really anyway. My friends are super flourishing for their ages but it is true that we don’t have all the concrete ‘got life figured out’ things the old folks had and our timelines are not as not as defined and urgent as the generations before us. And as a result, YES, we take comfort in our Instagram meals and lives because, for now, that works. It’s all we can afford to fuel our indulgence for now. In Lev’s words, ‘…they’re all I can afford to love’.

Give the full article a read over here.



10 Famous Poems Recited by Famous Actors


Tom Hiddleston reads Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare
Zoe is dead because Tom Hiddleston read Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare

Thing is, I’m not a huge fan of poetry. Now wait, before you kill me, I don’t hate poetry at all. I even love it every now and again, but I wouldn’t say I go out of my way to buy anthologies and go to live sessions and such. The only poetry books I have are from uni – I’m looking at you Norton. If I stumble upon it and I like it, that’s good enough for me (much like Art, actually). But there are times when I honestly sit and see a quote or an excerpt and think, ‘Damn, that could only be put in poetry form – poetry is the reason this is as intense as it is’. And that’s a lot coming from a prose lover like myself but I’m okay with saying it and I appreciate it deeply because it’s true for me, personally.

This video makes me very warm and fuzzy inside because 1. It reminded me of all the Classics I hold dear and 2. I love actors that do this kind of thing – makes them seem so refined but human. Oh, and 3, Tom Hiddleston.

So have fun!

Actors who have leant their voices to poetry that is, sometimes, even more famous than they are… Here are the favourites via Book Riot. 

Drake vs Blake – The ESPYS Awards 2014


Cards on the table, before I saw this I did not know what on earth the ESPYS Awards were and that they even existed. I have valid reasons; 1, I’m South African 2, It’s American athletics stuff which is mostly like basketball and ‘football’ or tennis or whatevs and 3, American athletes? Basketball? ‘Football’? Come on, I’m South African. Don’t be butthurt about that list, I obviously mean I’m not familiar and have no desire to be familiar with any of that stuff – but I do love American Award shows – see Oscars.

So I was going through my Tumblr at work out of boredom, as one does, and I saw the tags #drake #blake #chris brown and I was like ‘YASS! Celeb dude gossip!’ (Don’t you dare judge me – we all do it). True to form, I watched the video and I did not find a weird Rihanna-inspired feud, I found a skit and it was funny as hell. And… I found the new object of my famous people obsession and cyber stalking, Mr Blake Griffin. Holy Canolly! Yes there’s something to be said here about my obsession with giant biracial boys (Ahem, Kris Humphries) – or any biracial boys, actually – but that’s a story for another day. Drake is pretty good here and I actually never knew he could act or be funny and Blake can do no wrong, because 2.08 metres of muscle and awesomeness. Chris Brown was a gorg surprise and I’m glad he and Drake can now come together and do something like this because peace rules and humour conquers all.

You only have to watch until the 5th minute but you can continue if you want to watch a lot of Drake being Drake.


Dear White People


So I posted the teaser trailer for this film some months ago on my Facebook and when the full length came out, I might as well have lost all of my shit. I did. I lost all of the shit I possess while sitting at my desk at work. It got a lot of likes from all my rainbow nation friends – well, we South Africans have a sense of humour and anything racial often hits home with us. Those critic quotey things refer to it as some sort of awesome satire of Obama Age American kids and I agree with the awesome part. While I’m not ‘Obama Age’ – mainly because I’m not American – I can totally relate to the whole stuck in two worlds vibe of the main character here and most probably, so do most of my peers. While we attend these good schools and predominantly white unis, there is a lot of weird stuff we’re exposed to as black girls. Some funny  and some downright ignorant. And I feel this dramedy just wraps it all up in a cool blanket of unpretentious honesty. So here goes… See the trailer, have a laugh and get educated 😉


Girls Are Not Made of Sugar


Girls are not made of sugar.

We do not melt under a single touch.

Our hearts aren’t made of glass,

They’re  made of muscle,

and will never shatter under your crushing blow.

Our skulls aren’t filled with poetry.

They’re  filled with pictures and broken desires, dreams and hopes.

Not glitter.

Nor sequins.

Girls’ hair is not made of silk,

It is instead, made up of dead cells that we hide behind,

But not from you, for you’re nothing to fear.

Our hearts are only there to pump our blood.

Our hair is only there to cover our heads.

Our muscles are there to help us move.

And our brains are there to help us think.

We are not there for you.

We can survive without you.

Our bones refuse to break.

And we’ll always end up standing,

Without you.

Because It’s only you,

Who can’t survive without us.

No One Cares If You’re Killing Yourself In The World Of Literature


By COLBY LATOCHA (via Thought Catalog)


I am 21-years-old. If I live to be 80 years old, that means my life is more than a quarter way over. My entire life I have been wanting to pursue my vocation, or what I believed to be so. Being a writer. I just do not believe that there is a point. An industry that was built on the talent of the genius’ before us, currently disregards it in favour of the novelization of writing that will only be viewed as cancer for generations to come. If literature is an art, why do we treat it with such disregard?

The New York Times Bestseller list is littered with inane autobiographical self-help books by actors and comedians who are clinging to the last bit of relevance they can muster as they spew pointless social criticism coupled with their insightful advice from their social pedestals surrounded by their accumulated fortunes yesterday conceived, and poorly written fan fiction, that ostensibly is even plagiarized. At least E.L James has the audacity to describe in her own words, albeit poorly, as Ana’s cunt is ravaged by the ever so mysterious Christian Grey. Cassandra Clare on the other hand is pretty darn good at copying JK. Rowling. Hunter S. Thompson used to write out The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald to perfect his writing style, I just don’t think he ever had the audacity to send it to a publisher and collect a paycheck.

This far into this waste of time, you might realize that I’m just another idiot critic using the internet as a soapbox to spew my misery in every direction. I’ve drank all the beer that I had left, and have a decent buzz right now, so I suppose that’s fair. Please bear with me however, because it’s also fair to say that you’re reading the truth. The world of literature has become a joke. Writers have their eyes on possible movie deals, not their prose.

With that being said, being someone who was forced out of high school three years ago, with no post-secondary education, whom also made less than $10,000 last year, I would gladly sell my book to a studio so that they could void it of all meaning and collect ticket sales as fans of the novel pay to go see it only to complain to their friends that the book was better. I would just have the decency to make sure the book was actually worthwhile. I just want to pay my bills through the path of least resistance. I’m not a monster.

But Colby, you’re thinking, Why are you writing this? Well, as of today, the only thing that I will have ever had published was my grandmother’s obituary that I wrote yesterday night. It will appear in the local newspaper a few days from now, and will eventually line the gutters and local bird cages of my hometown.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time pursuing music in my life (which was my first love, and is something that I will continue to do, but that is another demon, and perhaps a story for a different day), and have devoted none of it to writing, something that I’ve known I’ve wanted to pursue from the moment that my mother first read me to sleep.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that if I were to submit anything to a literary agent or a publishing company, they would ignore it in favour of shit. The reason why the only thing I will ever have had published is an obituary is because the industry has become diluted. Authors are cutting corners and their bodies of work aren’t an indication of their literary skill or value, but by audiences’ insatiable lust for the front page fuck that has landed the lead role in the upcoming movie adaptation.

I’m not saying that there are no good authors that are currently producing work. I’m only saying that they are not acknowledged by the literary community in the way that they should be. We’re only ever acknowledging terrible garbage, or those who are long dead. I get it. Kerouac did a bunch of drugs, and he wrote down whatever nonsense he could remember. He’s a genius.

My point is that, if I want to be true to what my Grandmother told me in respect to being a successful writer, I have to sacrifice whatever artistic merits I am striving for in order to be considered what I want to be considered at the level that I wish to obtain. If I want to be a household name in the world of literature, I have to ensure that everything except my work speaks for my name. No one cares if I’m killing myself trying to enter the literary ring, they only care if Edward stays with Bella after he cums on her face. I’m here to box, but my competition didn’t show up for the fight. No one even showed up to watch.

Gertrude Stein was wrong. Hemingway and his band of misfits were not the Lost Generation. The voiceless words that will never escape the pages of today’s literary hopefuls are. If you’re not writing a terrible young adult series with the potential at a movie franchise, just fuck off.

I’ve often thought that there wasn’t a point to trying to construe a literary persona. I suppose that I still have time, but who can say for sure. Perhaps I will just accumulate all of my work, and instead of blowing out 21 candles on Saturday, I will blow a hole in my head. Then as my mind is imbued on the walls that surround me and the publishing companies throw stacks of money at my estate to buy the publishing rights to my work, you can wish me a Happy Birthday and tell all of your friends with such heartbreak and sadness, how much you loved me as you colour me a genius, without ever knowing who I truly was. I would like that.

Never Marry an Artist

Never Marry An Artist
Don’t marry an artist. Ever.
If your heart is not one for adventure, if your mind is confined to the restrictions of reality_Then please, I beg of you, do not marry an artist.
Your mind will be doused in vibrant liquids, your eyes will be opened to new things. You’ll see your life in technicolor. Shades of gray will no longer restrain you, for your will shall be guided by that of an artist. Kiss normality away, because once you marry an artist, you will become an artist one way or another.
Their ways will rub off onto you, their adventure will fill your soul, and you will never be the same again.Never Marry a Writer.

Because they’re all the same. They bear wisdom from long ago, yet they preserve it in this age.
They’ll take their life and yours, and put it in a book,
Your life will no longer be your own, but the life of all those who look.
Kiss privacy away, because secrets are no longer secrets.
They’re stories you see, ammo if you may. The weapons are the words, which the artist supplies every day.
So be prepared to wear, your emotions on a sleeve. Because the ammo of a writer is unlimited, because their ammo is life itself.

So there you have it, my friends. If you’re not willing to render your mind to the paintbrush, or your body to words, than an artist nor a writer is the spouse for you. They’ll change you in more ways than one. Their joys will be yours, and their hardships will be yours too. When you marry one of these artist, keep in mind, you’re putting your life on the line.

But, if you’re willing to take an adventure through fantasy, through canvass and through words, than go on right ahead.  A marriage is commitment, a marriage is forever…so render yourself to the paintbrush, surrender yourself to the words.
For the moment you commit yourself to the artist, is the moment you become an artist yourself.