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Film: Drinking Buddies



Two weeks ago, I think, during a moment of soppy-ness I watched this film that I’d been really looking forward to seeing. Of course it’s probably weird to say I was going through a soppy phase but I watched a movie that isn’t strictly rom-com/soppy/happyending. This is because it wasn’t the kind of soppy-ness that’s self destructive and makes you feel super damp as a human, it’s the kind of down to earth, ‘I could still totally hit the bar in a healthy way right now’, self-aware kind of soppy. Sidenote: I used the word ‘soppy’ a lot in this paragraph and I’m sorry but I’m too lazy to search for something to replace it with from my brain archive.

Drinking Buddies is a very chilled watch – I didn’t necessarily feel anything while I was watching it and although I thought the characters were such cool people that I would definitely want to hang out and beer it up with, I didn’t really care for them much. And for me, that’s great. It’s realistic, you don’t have to fall in love with all the characters in the world and dote on them – it’s fine to just dig their vibe, full stop. When I saw the trailer for Drinking Buddies (admittedly, they had me at ‘Drinking Buddies’) I got the general feel of everything but they didn’t give away how everything was going to happen – trailers do that these days! So see the trailer – it doesn’t have spoilers like every other movie from 2010-2014.


Olivia Wilde is a gem as this really laid back, guys’ girl who chugs beer and likes to play pool – but she is not a ‘plain Jane’. Screw that term, I hate it and I hate all the writers that create stupid plain Jane, damsel in distress characters! Nobody is a plain Jane. She is a confident and good looking girl with a boyfriend – and it is not a toxic relationship. Her work best friend, played by Jake Johnson, – yay, is like the dude version of her. But… they’re human. And there are work crushes and there’s work intimacy and lines are blurred. But not in the way one would expect – it’s nothing like the Friends With Benefits/No Strings Attached blurring of lines, all ‘Ooh, let’s have casual sex and assume there won’t be any consequences then get super freaked out and surprised when we fall for each other’. No. This is about two good friends, both in relationships with people they care about but have nothing in common with, it’s fun times.

Like most of the ‘misplaced girl’ movies I watch, I can relate to Olivia Wilde’s character – not in relation to her surroundings and relations with other characters, but as a stand alone individual. I love that she dates for fun and doesn’t think of weddings and offspring from the moment someone says ‘I like you’. I like that she’s an  outgoing person and loves to see other people happy (and drinking beer). I love that she does what she wants to do and does not apologise for who she is because she’s not hurting anyone by being her zany, awesome bromosexual self. It’s that kind of self love that isn’t obnoxious and imposing but super chilled and enigmatic that makes me appreciate a flawed female character even if I’m not really obsessed with her. And that’s one of the many reasons I loved this improvised Sundance-esque film. 🙂

Wilde with Jake Johnson in Drinking Buddies.


The Adorkable New Girl


new_girl_by_fabiovalle-d5i3iu0I’m not sure how or why I haven’t blogged about New Girl, in reality. I’m actually not sure how or why I haven’t blogged about any of my favourite TV shows until now. Maybe it’s because it’s so much work with tv series because you have to wait for the season to end and then wrap up the whole thing in a 10/12/24 episode review. And that’d be great if I wasn’t lazy and season finales always leave me so defeated. So I really dig New Girl, and although I will not be writing it’s 24-ep review I do want to share my love. I do have a feeling everybody in the world knows this show because, awesome cast and Zooey Deschanel, but I’ll still tell you what’s what (pretty sure I just quoted Lord of the Flies). The show’s about a cute, quirky, recently single girl – found her boyfriend cheating at their apartment (YOUCH) – who moves in with three dudes whose accommodation ad she finds on Craig’s List. The cute, recently single girl is played by Zooey and the dudes are played by Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Lamorne Morris. Oh, and her best friend is super gorg Hannah Simone, d’you see where I’m going with this? These are already enough reasons to watch the show – you’ll find all the rest when you actually do. The show literally speaks for itself and it’s addictive if you’re into that kinda thing. So here are the best moments of the first season of one of my fav comedy series. Enjoy 🙂