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Birthday Cake ’13 – Part I


Just a P.S, The following sub-title is not a Lana Del Ray song. It’s just a list of stuff that featured on my birthday. But I understand the confusion if there is any – it’s totally the same formula Lana uses to name her songs. Let’s proceed.

Pizza. Wine. Beyonce. Coldplay.

For the past 100 years my birthing day has always fallen on a weekend or on a cool day like Thursday. ‘The past hundred years’ refers to my favourite years, the only ones that matter – UNI YEARS! This year my beloved day of birth decided on Sunday Junior without even consulting me. Of all the years to have a birthday on a Monday… really? I’m like, ‘Dude, 24th, I could’ve partied on any day in uni. Not now! I work now, dummy – I need the weekend more than ever now!’. Even the knowledge that Lionel Messi is going through the same thing (because we share a birthday 😀 ) didn’t make me feel better, probably because he’ll get to party all he wants after practice. He’s Lionel Messi, duh.

So this year to make the most of my predicament, I decided to have a three-phase birthday week. I know it sounds excessive. It isn’t. The first day – my official birthday – was actually quite chilled. I invited my oldest and closest  girlfriends (geographically and life-ically – also because they were free on  friggin Monday!) and we all had a disgusting amount of pizza. There was cake, I got prezzies and it was magical, essentially. But we’re alcoholics so… yes, it happened. You know those really cool scenes in movies where the bffs get tipsy and dance around their apartment, like in Something Borrowed? You know how you feel all nostalgic for that kinda movie life stuff that doesn’t go down like that in real life? Well, I had that!

We danced around, hopping about (maybe even booty hopping… cringe) to some Beyonce. Alright, the chances of us booty hopping are pretty high when that woman and her music are in the mix. It was a whole lot of fun, or as they say – since I’m already on the ratchet boat, it was hella fun. And as you would expect, as the night died down and the wine bottles were starting to run dry (some now even drinking from them as is), Coldplay decided to join our party. And we sang along and put our lighters up in a really weird icky mooshy way. Thank god the wine ran out and we all remembered we had work the following day. Phew.

The sleepover pizza party was awesome, all in all.

Movie life girly nights can so be done! 🙂


Get Dirty ’13


get dirty gig picDon’t worry – this is nothing inappropriate. It’s just a clever play on words Converse used to refer to their massive jam at Mary Fitzgerald Square in the greater Jhb. I’m not sure if I’d planned on going all the way to Jozi to jam or I just had the cabins and made it a point I was out of the house. I have a strong feeling it was the fear of missing out – people call it FOMO but I don’t really like using that term because I feel like I’m saying Omo and I’m not sure if I like washing powder brands enough to use them in my everyday vocab (Surf is an exception – it’s unavoidable).

The event boasted a pretty kick-ass line-up but as always, you never get to see everything at gigs like that, especially since there were three stages and a merry-go-round swing gold reef city type thing. And all of that is actually what made it kick-ass. They had Shadowclub, Blk Jks, Jeremy Loops and I’m pretty sure I saw Zebra and Giraffe during that haze of awesomeness but it was a very cold night and there was tequila involved so I could be wrong about that last one.

The good thing about inner city Johannesburg is that the chances of ghosts (exes) appearing out of nowhere are pleasantly low, so you’re just out there, bobbing your head to great music, partaking in some ale and having a great time with pretentious hipster strangers. It’s all good. Apart from good looking indie boys and a a fantastic jol, I was looking forward to seeing my beloved BLK JKS. I love them! So you can imagine my err… shock when I see that the lead is missing and there are two other randos ‘joining them’ on stage. What? I must say my loyalty is pretty serious, so I was obvi a bit numb throughout the the performance, even though their new set and sound are pretty good. So because my friends and I are pretty forward under the influence we decided to walk up to the dude who plays guitar for the Blk Jks, Mpumi. “Hey, we didn’t see Linda up there. Is he sick? Is he on hiatus?” we asked. “The Blk Jks is nobody’s mother,” responded the handsome boy with the never-ending, never-moving afro. And so we got our answer. I must say, I’m heartbroken seeing as I had a Stacy Jaxx and the character played by Malin Akerman type stalkationship with the lead of the Blk Jks.

Anyhoo, the do was awesome. The music was mint and I had a blast. Can’t wait for the next one.

Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers!