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Heritage Day ’13


Heritage Day


Also widely known as National Braai Day. Local Pub, Local Beer (not too sure how I feel about that), Local Football (little depressing). That’s what I call celebrating what has become our heritage  🙂


Film: He’s just Not that Into you


Ten Chick Flick cliches that are NOT in ‘He’s just not that into you

This should be under the same umbrella as all those funny Honest Trailers. But it isn’t a spoof of itself, just that of other romcoms, so maybe no. But there is some cheesy honesty to both this video and the actual film.

I watched He’s just Not that Into you a few years ago and probably every year after that – and also very recently this year during one of my strange romantic comedy addiction phases. One might ask why I would repeatedly let myself watch a movie with Ben Affleck and the answer is, he’s not as flat as he usually is and also I really don’t care – but mainly because I like how the book was adapted in such an arb way.

It’s one of those films you just watch purely to observe humans in an atypical romcom setting. Did I learn anything from the movie? Maybe. Did I cry at the end? No. Does Scarlett Johannson’s character make me feel like it’s ok to be a Slutty McSluttinheim? I don’t have the answer to that just yet. And lastly, the question I always ask myself when something affects me in any way, did I relate to any of the characters? Yes, deffos yes. Ginnifer Goodwin’s character is obvi someone anybody who falls for inappropriate people and gets kinda stalkerish can relate to. And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a mindless film that doesn’t leave all your emotions raw when it’s done (Yes, I’m looking at you Blue Valentine).

So there, I suggest you watch this movie and stop being so serious or maybe watch this movie and take your romcom loving self a little more seriously. Just watch it! But don’t just take it from me, let Bradley Cooper, Kevin Connolly and Justin Long convince you. Watch this video and thank me later 🙂

Homecoming Picnic ’13


HCP Girls
I don’t usually go to an event where I’m sure I know A LOT of people, especially people from uni. There are too many ghosts. ‘Ghosts’ are people who knew you before you got an actual fashion sense, got a job and  started making good dating decisions, actually ghosts are mainly the bad dating decisions you made in your naive varsity past. Homecoming Picnic is the best/worst place for these kinds of run-ins to happen because it is generally a jump (definition: really awesome soshe) and if there’s one thing all those bad dating decisions have in common, it’s knowing how to party. So regardless of the cons, the one big pro – plus my best friend Phiwee emotionally blackmailing me – sealed my HCP fate and I found myself at the Centurion Rugby club with a cooler bag and even cooler clothes on my back.

The event was well attended, and I might be understating that, with a nice little popular line-up featuring Pretoria’s beloved Kuli Chana, who I think I’ve only seen twice before. The host person, I think it’s called MC and I honestly don’t care, was Nomuzi from Mtv or whatevs and she was awesome because she did quite a bit of mc-ing coupled with quite a bit of ‘soft-twerking’ – a term coined by my other friend Juliet. I’ve been hearing about Homecoming Picnic for a while now but it was my first time going, because why not? I’m almost too old to go and nothing could have said that better than all the post-teen bad b*tches in twerking pants/printed leggings I was drowning in. True to form, I was also kinda drowning in ghost related things. I shall not dwell. Reason was really good, as usual. I mean, the dude really just makes me wanna watch and not walk around looking for alcohol or an ex, which is the best!

I came across the Cognac Conjure for the first time, very ‘ballin out of control’ and very not my thing, but it tastes fine enough. Night time came and it became a bit out of control. Male hormones and steroids took control, possible grinding babies, I got lost, everyone got lost… It was like a mosh pit of epic proportions, and I have those Malatji boys and their peoples to thank for all of that unorthodox fun. I might be bullied into going again next year… 😉

Photo courtesy of Nami I Was There

GP Solar Panel Project



The Gauteng Provincial Government is to spend R11-billion for a large scale roll-out of solar panels on all State-owned buildings across the province.

This will result in the generation of electricity, which will be in line with the National Development Plan’s call to implement renewable energy initiatives.

Gauteng to roll out R11bn solar panel project